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Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter

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What You Need to Know About Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter

Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Example Cut, shape, and assemble wooden articles or set up and operate a variety of woodworking machines, such as power saws, jointers, and mortisers to surface, cut, or shape lumber or to fabricate parts for wood products.

Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Responsibilities

  • Match materials for color, grain, or texture, giving attention to knots or other features of the wood.
  • Attach parts or subassemblies together to form completed units, using glue, dowels, nails, screws, or clamps.
  • Trim, sand, or scrape surfaces or joints to prepare articles for finishing.
  • Repair or alter wooden furniture, cabinetry, fixtures, paneling, or other pieces.
  • Perform final touch-ups with sandpaper or steel wool.
  • Measure and mark dimensions of parts on paper or lumber stock prior to cutting, following blueprints, to ensure a tight fit and quality product.

Qualities of a Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter

Below is a list of the skills most Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters say are important on the job.

Operation Monitoring: Watching gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.

Quality Control Analysis: Conducting tests and inspections of products, services, or processes to evaluate quality or performance.

Monitoring: Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.

Operation and Control: Controlling operations of equipment or systems.

Troubleshooting: Determining causes of operating errors and deciding what to do about it.

Critical Thinking: Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

Other Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Job Titles

  • Frame Builder
  • Antique Furniture Repairer
  • Machine Operator
  • Last Model Maker
  • Hand Violin Maker

Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Employment Estimates

In the United States, there were 109,300 jobs for Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter in 2016. New jobs are being produced at a rate of 2.3% which is below the national average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 2,500 new jobs for Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter by 2026. There will be an estimated 11,500 positions for Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter per year.

Forecasted Number of Jobs for Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters in U.S.

The states with the most job growth for Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter are Utah, Nevada, and Florida. Watch out if you plan on working in Vermont, New Mexico, or Kansas. These states have the worst job growth for this type of profession.

How Much Does a Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Make?

The salary for Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters ranges between about $22,830 and $54,140 a year.

Salary Ranges for Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters

Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters who work in Hawaii, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts, make the highest salaries.

How much do Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters make in different U.S. states?

State Annual Mean Salary
Alabama $29,610
Alaska $46,270
Arizona $38,370
Arkansas $29,650
California $37,520
Colorado $36,840
Connecticut $46,210
Delaware $45,300
Florida $37,420
Georgia $35,220
Hawaii $54,100
Idaho $35,520
Illinois $40,320
Indiana $33,990
Iowa $35,770
Kansas $31,970
Kentucky $31,130
Louisiana $32,130
Maine $39,690
Maryland $45,180
Massachusetts $46,200
Michigan $38,770
Minnesota $40,990
Mississippi $26,610
Missouri $34,960
Montana $37,540
Nebraska $39,620
Nevada $37,580
New Hampshire $45,300
New Jersey $44,270
New Mexico $32,210
New York $44,040
North Carolina $30,520
North Dakota $37,870
Ohio $35,580
Oklahoma $32,630
Oregon $35,990
Pennsylvania $39,560
Rhode Island $45,380
South Carolina $35,120
South Dakota $31,700
Tennessee $31,280
Texas $31,850
Utah $35,410
Vermont $39,730
Virginia $36,370
Washington $41,400
West Virginia $32,630
Wisconsin $33,410
Wyoming $41,140

What Tools do Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters Use?

Although they’re not necessarily needed for all jobs, the following technologies are used by many Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Data entry software
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Computer aided design CAD software
  • Computerized maintenance management system CMMS

How do I Become a Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter?

What kind of Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter requirements are there?

Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Degree Level

How many years of work experience do I need?

Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Work Experience

Where Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters Work

Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Sectors

The table below shows some of the most common industries where those employed in this career field work.

Cabinetmaker or Bench Carpenter Industries


Image Credit: Airman 1st Class Sadie Colbert via Public domain

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