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Make This Your Year for a New Career!

For more than 50 years the Allen School of Health Sciences has been helping people just like you train for a career in health care. Use our strength and competitive edge in health care career training to make 2015 your year! We stick with health care because it’s what we know, and we’re good at it. We hold the tools you need to complete your education FAST. Contact us today!

Allen School‘s downtown Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens, campus locations feature a comprehensive Medical Assistant program, which provides you the unique opportunity to complete training in as few as nine months – go from learning to earning fast!

With Allen School of Health Sciences, you can:

· Complete your training in half the time of other schools with our Fast-Track Program
· Learn from faculty comprised of real industry professionals
· Take advantage of lifetime Career Services assistance
· Benefit from financial aid available to those who qualify

Health care job opportunities are on the rise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is why Allen School partners with thousands of clinics and medical facilities across the country. Employers are on the lookout for dedicated individuals – just like you – to fill these in-demand positions.

Allen School can help you quickly become a trained medical professional. Contact us today!

Allen School is licensed by the New York State Department of education and nationally accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.

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